Frank Grau is a professional freelance illustrator and
designer. He’s been producing art commercially for 30 years.
Frank originally planned to attend Harvard Medical School and
specialize in neural surgery –– however, shaky hands resulting from
his coffee addiction ensured he would never be able to afford the malpractice insurance. After encountering pictures of ancient cave art,
 Frank realized he’d be better off pursuing a career at which even a caveman could succeed. As it turns out,
cavemen don’t buy food from monies earned through art – they get their food by hunting for it. Currently, Frank is looking to relocate to a Hindu neighborhood where nearsighted cattle can be found loitering idly so as to facilitate an attack from behind with a ball-peen hammer (sacred cows make for great burgers).

Frank is a lifelong resident of Southern California and lives there with his wife, their four children, and a
hermit crab that died faster than most sea-monkeys (somehow Frank managed to kill a creature that required less attention than a pet rock).

Frank really feels silly writing about himself in the third person and knows he’s fooling no one. He continues to illustrate and design for various industries, while also noodling around with his own creator-owned projects. Please take a moment to visit his blog